About Us

You innovate.  You invent.  You inspire.
We articulate. We accelerate. We help you achieve.

For over 10 years, your aspiration is the fuel that drives our creativity, collaboration, and commitment to your success.


Neuralytix is a global consulting firm that helps technology companies execute innovative and impactful strategies to overtake the competition, achieve outstanding results, and outperform the market.Using the foundation of our proven methods, we tailor our expertise and experience to the specific needs of our Clients. Our services extend well beyond strategies; we have a team of seasoned professionals, who implement and execute these strategies to accelerate the ambitions of our clients. Since our founding, we have helped clients ranging from early stage startups to the largest technology companies in the world. Together, our the combined market value of our clients exceed US$5,000 billion (4 750 billion €, £3.750 trillion, CN¥ 32.5 trillion, JP¥575 trillion)*.

Source: Dave Brenner/University of Michigan School for Environment and Sustainability

We seek people and clients who have the courage to think "outside the box" to become market leaders. Through imagination, innovation, and ingenuity our clients defy the limits of existing technologies and create new solutions that solve dynamic business problems. Our people have the same spirit of innovation as our clients. Our people are obsessed with thinking differently; this allows our clients to accelerate time to success and achieve outstanding, outperforming, and enduring outcomes.

Our Firm

For Technology Vendors

Technology vendors come to us to stand out in a highly crowded and fast evolving market. Our unique approach to market dynamics, go to market strategies, as well as execution of content creation, competitive intelligence, and change management enable scalable and sustainable results for our clients.

For Technology Investors

Technology investors come to us for our comprehensive knowledge, experience, and expertise in industry analyses. We help investors to understand the market in its current state, evolution, and future opportunities that allow them to make informed decisions that maximize the return on their investments.

Our Difference

At the core of our how we achieve excellence and success for our clients is our guiding principle that Innovation is not organic™. We champion our clients to set new standards in their business strategies, the same way they set new standards in technical excellence and innovation that redefine their markets.

Our People

A Culture of Transparency

We know change is never easy. Our clients have the courage to embrace change. Through candor, honesty, and transparency, our people help our clients understand both the opportunities and the challenges to achieve extraordinary results.

A Culture of Partnership

We see our clients as our partners. Our people help our clients through the synthesis of ideas, opinions, and perspectives offered through our partnership with our clients to create true innovation and exceptional outcomes.

A Culture of Respect

We understand that all technology companies are global. Our people and clients are located all over the world. We take seriously the responsibility of respecting our clients' principles, culture, and their origins and backgrounds.

Results & Partnership

From Innovation to ROI

We work with our clients to realize and maximize the return on their innovation. We collaborate to help our clients exceed expectations and realize aspirations.

Insights founded in reality

Our clients tell us our insights are astute. Why? Enterprises must balance trendy and the realities of existing people, process, and technologies.

Committed Partners

We have a network of collaboration partners who share our commitment of delivering enduring and extraordinary outcomes for our clients.

* Conversions based on approximate and rounded exchange rates