Competitive Intelligence

Go beyond technical comparisons and understand the strategies and tactics your competitors are employing.


Every company needs to under its competition. For many companies, they fall into the mistake of performing a simple competitive analysis – which Neuralytix defines as a “spec sheet comparison.” Understanding your competitors requires competitive intelligence. We help you every step of the way.

  • Improve your odds of success against your competitors by creating a repeatable process.
  • Understand how your competitors go to market so you can outcompete your competitors time and time again.
  • Scale your competitive intelligence as your company grows.
  • Create multiple strategies based on different segmentations including the geographies where your competitors focus, the way they go to market, the customer size where they are having better success, and many more.
  • Improve the close rate by improving the efficiency of your sales team by identifying the opportunities with the best likelihood of closing.

How We Help Our Clients Succeed