Financial Market and Investor Advisory Services

For 20 years, Neuralytix has served the financial markets, advising institutional investors, capital providers, as well as regulatory agencies.
Financial Market and Investor Advisory Services


For 20 years, Neuralytix has advised the financial markets. We help our clients message and position their innovations in the way PE and VC investors expect to maximize valuation and success.

We understand what institutional investors look for. Time and time again, our investor clients tell us how realistic we are in our insights and research. While trends and emerging technologies may play a role in changing the dynamics of the industry, we never forget aobut the impact of new or existing technologies on a customers’s people and process.

For our technology vendor clients seeking additional capital or an exit, we help them articulate their value to investors and venture capitalists. We help both the investor and the investee achieve their respective outcomes.

In each case, understanding context is key. No matter whether it is due diligence on an existing, emerging, or exiting technology company, we provide our clients with the “who, what, where, why, and how” necessary for them to make investment decisions that can maximize their return on investment.

Our experience includes the advisory of regulators on matters of antitrust.



How We Help Our Clients Succeed