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The annual SAP SAPPHIRE Now conference, held June 3 – 5 2014, generates a lot of discussion in social and digital media channels. An analysis of these conversations with the help of BlabPredicts from Blab, reveals the long and short term effectiveness and impact of SAP messaging at the event.


Key Findings

The data showed that:

  • The leadoff message, delivered by SAP CEO Bill McDermmott of “simplify” was diluted or not taken up in conversations about SAP technology or products except in the area of financial management.
  • The announcement that SAP Fiori, its user experience platform for mobile devices, would now be offered free to customers touched off a broad and positive discussion of SAP’s mobile capabilities in terms of the platform and SAP applications.
  • SAP Jam had very little news output, which led to a lower volume of conversations. That turned out to be a good thing as social media drove more sustained conversation and better engagement.


Much of the value of an industry event comes from successfully transmitting key concepts to customers both directly, during the conference sessions, and indirectly through the media.

Social and digital media will not tell a vendor what their customers will buy. However, they do indicate, what a customer will hear and what types of conversations that customers are likely to engage in during and after the conference.

Engagement, which is a long lasting dialog that introduces and reinforces a message, is the key to long term value for the vendors and customers. By monitoring and analyzing social and digital media channels[1] during the SAP SAPPHIRE Now 2014 conference. Neuralytix was able to identify which messages customers were likely to hear during the conference and predict the same for several days immediately afterwards.

Analysis of the data provided by the BlabPredicts[2] social and digital media analysis software from Blab, shone a spotlight on the messages that were transmitted through digital and social media, the stickiness of those messages, and insight into the dynamics of media and industry events. For IT professionals, this analysis will help to professionals interpret the messages heard from the show through social and digital media and focus in on conversations that are more authentic.


[1] A media channel is a way to reach an audience with a message. Television is a mass media broadcast channel, NYTimes.com is a digital news channel, the New York Times newspaper is a mass media newspaper channel, and Twitter is a social media channel. All media channels allow marketing professionals to transmit messages to a specific type of audience.

[2] More information about BlabPredicts can be found at http://www.blabpredicts.com/

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Social and Digital Media Analysis of the SAP SAPPHIRENow Conference